You can take advantage of the services facility that offers many outlets stereo to install your new car stereo for a fee, or you can install the new cover yourself for a fraction of the cost. Purchase the necessary adapters and wiring harnesses for your vehicle, as well as any tool specifically required to access the stereo mounting dock your car. Installing your new stereo you can be done in less than an hour. View the best double-din stereo review by MrVehicle



Remove the cable grounding of the vehicle battery before installing the new radio. The grounding cable is connected to the negative terminal of the battery to the frame or chassis of your vehicle. Use an adjustable wrench or pliers set to loosen the screw holding the cable clamp to the negative terminal of the battery. Remove the cable from the post and put it away from the battery until the new stereo is fully installed.

Replace the cable clamp around the negative battery post once the new stereo is installed, and tighten the screw with wrench or pliers English.


Giving your child a place of his own is every parents’ wish. Not only a playground where he can do whatever he likes but also a space large enough for your family’s party or picnic if you want to. But the problem is that you are having a hard time  puzzle everything together but still have no idea of what to do first. Dude, let me help you.


 First, make an outline, then make a list.

I recommend that you draw the picture in your head so as to have a clearer ‘look’ of what you are about to build. Even better if you can have a custom design, you know, you may have some friend who is an architect. No? Well I think now that our lives have been modern than ever, computer’s applications can handle that well, and those are easy to use though. Or on the Internet has a lot of playground ideas and they are very cool, you can look up if you want. One basic rule is that whatever you build, they are not allowed to stand close to each other, because you need to supervise your children in this area. After that, you make a list of what to buy, classed by the probably biggest to smallest size if possible, and we talk about your budget.

Second, consider your budget (Yes, I know not a tutorial I don’t mention this and it sucks to go shopping but look at the price all the time~)

Again, we do not consider an unlimited budget. Unfortunately, people often have a tight one. What we do right now is to make a little calculating, to see if the list you made has gone too far or not (and I guess it has). So now you understand why I ask you to class everything in size. Considering ones on top the biggest and also most important. After all,  they make the core of your playground, right?


What you really expect from your son when he gets back from a summer day camp? He grow older, perhaps? Probably not, haha. But here are some suggestions I think you would like him to learn, in a summer camp. Even more, these are also what I think he will be enrolled himself in. Feel free to check out


What in swimming that attracts so much attention and so many learners anyway? I don’t know. But, I do know swimming is an important survival skill we all need to have. Maybe that answers the question, because parents want their children to survive the best they can, right since they were kids, that is what these kids are sent to swimming class for, right?

It is true though , according to the fact that many school’s PY class has already included swimming as a major course. Not only is it a skill, but knowing how to swim has become an element of children’ ego, what makes them proud. People are born natually under water, why not get your feet wet and try? I bet your kids cannot chill with the idea of swimming in the river with their friends.

The quality of swimming lessons even defines some summer camp, in other way of speaking, leave your son or daughter there on Monday morning, you’ll find her swing naturally in the water in Wednesday afternoon. Instructors always give the best and most careful instruction and advice so that children’s goals are all touched. Moreover, something that is practical is that, most of swimming lessons are given free. Interesting, right?