It’s something we repeat all who write or talk about sound again and again: one of the most important pieces of your study, if not the most important, are your monitors. Only they would be unseated from the top spot on the podium for the room itself – and its acoustics, go – where you make your mixes, plays, recordings, etc. One of the best is the Mackie CR3. View Mackie CR3 Review

But it would not be fair to consider your room as a proper “piece”, and often craving, pocket, marital prohibition or all at once does not allow us to do or undo too much in terms of acoustics of our home studio is refers (although we will not ever recommend a good acoustic treatment), we will focus on issues purely china shop …Monitors therefore. Enough how important are in any study, regardless of size is not told. If there is a piece of equipment in which the money should be spent, it is certainly in a good pair of speakers. With the world’s best previous results can be obtained hulking, for example, and an interface to the latest and with all the extras and accessories you could need in the next ten years will be tremendously useful and a significant investment, of course.