What you really expect from your son when he gets back from a summer day camp? He grow older, perhaps? Probably not, haha. But here are some suggestions I think you would like him to learn, in a summer camp. Even more, these are also what I think he will be enrolled himself in. Feel free to check out


What in swimming that attracts so much attention and so many learners anyway? I don’t know. But, I do know swimming is an important survival skill we all need to have. Maybe that answers the question, because parents want their children to survive the best they can, right since they were kids, that is what these kids are sent to swimming class for, right?

It is true though , according to the fact that many school’s PY class has already included swimming as a major course. Not only is it a skill, but knowing how to swim has become an element of children’ ego, what makes them proud. People are born natually under water, why not get your feet wet and try? I bet your kids cannot chill with the idea of swimming in the river with their friends.

The quality of swimming lessons even defines some summer camp, in other way of speaking, leave your son or daughter there on Monday morning, you’ll find her swing naturally in the water in Wednesday afternoon. Instructors always give the best and most careful instruction and advice so that children’s goals are all touched. Moreover, something that is practical is that, most of swimming lessons are given free. Interesting, right?


Aquatic sports never go out of style with most of the kids, I think. Far different from swimming, which requires individual working, boating demands that teamwork is done. It could be a group of two, three or even four children, which depends on size of the boat. They will take turn sailing to the destination, managing to balance the push from two sides of the boat without going the wrong way or spinning the whole boat another round. Children on the same boat often become friends afterwards since they have spent a lot of time struggling together, guiding their means to some certain destination, usually another pier on the other side of the lake.

Boating is challenging when it comes to keep the force equal between left and right paddles. Children will like the feeling of controling mouvements, freely being in the middle of a huge lake, and their surroundings are doing the same. They also get to feel the sense of an adventure on the sea, with everywhere is water, something they only see in a movie.


Archery is claimed to be one of the safest sports, compaired to football, tennis or basketball. Since it can be organised indoor or outdoor, it is suitable for all ages, especially children from the age of 6. Archery is comprised of very strict rules so it is considered as a sport framing children’s behavior: Only when they follow the rules can they shoot! With that, all bad behaviors can be straightened because they have learnt to follow the rules before drawing their bow.

It is also number one sport that practices to focus. Archery needs high concentration than any other sports, in order to aim right. Young archers appear to have great self-disciplines and ability to highly focus no matter how the environment is. This provides them with good steps, not only in the game but also in life.